A Famosa bitter almond liquor

The Portuguese Bitter Almond is one of the most famous and appreciated liqueurs in the country.

Its production originated in the Algarve region as a result of the recovery and exploitation of much less consumed bitter almonds.
Crushed, marinated and distilled, these ugly almond ducklings have been transformed into the soft, sweet, clear yellow swan that is this liqueur.

A traditional Portuguese drink, Famous Almond Liqueur is enjoyed as a digestive drink, or as a component in cocktails.
After reaping the fruits, they are macerated. The liquor is extracted from this process and a sugar-based syrup is added and then bottled.

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The bitter sweet taste of tradition

Famosa almond liqueur recipe dates back to ancient times.

Flavored from bitter almonds, this original formula is perfect as either an aperitif, or as a perfect ending to a special meal.

Tasting notes

It should be served fresh or even chilled with ice and ideally with a twist / lemon peel.

Amêndoa com gelo e limão